What is your style of photography?

For weddings I photograph in a reportage or journalistic style. This is an unobtrusive style and captures guests behaving naturally. However, there is always room for lovely formal shots and really nice portraits.

For my commercial and music photographs, strive for simple, striking, and attention-grabbing shots that picture editors look for.

How long do you stay at a wedding?

I have various packages available but a full day package would entail about 6 – 10 hours depending on your schedule.

Do we get a meeting?

I always try and meet couples I work with for a pre-wedding meeting, we can then make a plan and this will take some worry away.

I work all over the uk so it’s not always possible to do a 10 hour round trip for a meeting. However:

Usually in the run up to wedding there will be a chance I’m in your area playing music or visiting family. You may even be coming near leeds. In which case, let’s meet.

I’ve met couples at designated times in motorway service stations and even the café at IKEA on the m62 to talk photographs. Contact me to get the ball rolling.

What goes into a wedding assignment?

From an initial contact we may have a few emails or phone calls to answer any queries, you then may like to meet to look at albums and get a plan for the day. This may even entail going to the venue to have a look.

On the day there can be between 6 – 10 hours not to mention travel, Then I spend 1 – 3 days editing pictures and doing basic retouching. An album can take 2 – 6 hours to produce and then to upload to the printing company, I then post the pictures and album to you securely and signed for.

Pictures are also uploaded to a secure site where you can buy prints. Weddings usually take at least 4 working days to complete.

How long after the wedding will we get our photos?

If these are on cd only it should be within a couple of days.

If you have ordered an album it should be 2 – 3 weeks. This is subject to the printing company’s schedule. I often get items ahead of their advertised times but as the albums are printed in Holland you can appreciate they may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

I also load some pictures into Facebook to use as examples, but only if you’ve signed my booking form to say you don’t mind images being used for promotional purposes.

Can we buy prints?

I have a secure “buy prints” service on the website. Within a week of the wedding you will have received an email with passwords. This can be forwarded to your family and friends so you or them can view the wedding and make any purchases they want.

How do we book and how do we pay?

If you would like to enquire about a particular date or to get a price list please contact me.

Once we confirm a date I send you a booking form. This has all the details I need to get there at the right time. It also has some basic agreements to cover both sides. There are also the details for you to pay a £100 deposit. The balance becomes payable within 14 days of you receiving your final photo package. This can all be paid as cash, cheque or bacs transfer.

Most couples pay the balance on the wedding day but I’m very flexible as you’ll have a thousand things to think about.

What happens if you can’t make it on the day?

I’ve never missed an appointment. But in a worst case scenario I have two excellent wedding photographers (Melissa and Kim) I work with who I can call upon. They also have people they can call upon if they’re stuck. There is no reason why even in an emergency you won’t get good photos.

Do you charge for travel?

My prices are for work done within 20 miles of Leeds city centre. I have to charge to go further. Given the time involved, the possible need for a hotel room and the cost of fuel, these fees are very reasonable. Contact me for an accurate quotation.

How disruptive will the photos be?

I have a style and system that allows the day to flow smoothly as much as possible. One way is that I always do a group shot of everybody stood together so there will be at least one photo with all your guests on at once.

Many people have commented on how well and how courteously I marshal the guests. I’ve heard of bullying, rude photographers whose pushy manner spoiled the day. That is not my style.

The part most people worry about is formal group photos. I work with your ushers to get the people we need together at the right time. My advice is not to get too bogged down in having every conceivable mixture of people.

I did a wedding once in which the list was two sides of a4, about 60 group shots in total. It must have taken over two hours and it wasn’t pleasant for anybody, Less is more.

I advise the following groups:

  • Bride, Groom & Bridesmaids
  • Bride, Groom, Ushers & Best Man.
  • Bride, Groom & each set of parents
  • Bride, Groom, each set of parents & other family

These are usually enough and shouldn’t take long. Of course, it’s your wedding and if you want other groups that’s great. I will make it work as well as I can.

What albums do you use?

I currently use blurb albums. These are by far the best company I’ve dealt with and the products are excellent. You can see a full example of them in the wedding portfolio.

What is included on CD?

  • I supply three sets of pictures on CD.
  • High resolution photos (will print to above A3) in colour and also in black & white.
  • One set of low resolution pictures for easy emailing and uploading on Facebook etc.

Other photographers charge much more?

Few marketing fees are passed on to you in my prices.

I only do a few particular wedding fairs every year which work well and aren’t expensive. You wouldn’t believe some of the advertising prices I’ve been quoted. These costs would have to be met by my clients.

Business is growing very well largely from word of mouth so I’m pricing to get the booking.

The more weddings I get the more business I get in the long run and things grow organically.


Generally photographers’ prices haven’t come down since the dawn of digital cameras, but many of those costs have vanished. We don’t have film, developing, time spent getting prints, time spent making albums like we used to.

I worked out the time involved and what is a reasonable rate to get paid as a professional. I’m happy to work for this as I make myself available to more couples which gets me more experience and more word of mouth bookings.

Economic downturn.

I constantly get told by couples (after they’ve paid) that they would have been happy to pay the £1500+ that some photographers currently charge. I will charge these prices one day. I know that at the moment I would get less business overall due to the economic climate.

Since the economic downturn the most popular package by far is the full day cd only at £600. Couples can then make up their own albums online and distribute pictures and albums at cost.

We have a limited budget can you do a deal?

You can always ask and see if I can work around your budget. Please Contact me to see

Book your music and photography together.

If I’m already there I don’t need to charge for travel or time twice. Please see my band pages for more information.

Non saturdays.

Your wedding might be on a friday or sunday ask for my best deal.

Buy in bulk

Got a friend or relation getting married? Book two together and I will knock 15% off each wedding.

What spares do you carry for equipment?

I carry two cameras and two flash guns as well as more batteries and memory cards than I would ever need in my bag. I also keep a third camera in my car on wedding days in case of an absolute emergency.


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